New Version of wordpress launched 3.9.2, Its Amazing

Day By Day increasing possibilities are walk with wordpress. Now wordpress launched its latest stable version 3.9.2.

We are also waiting for version 4 with unlimited possibilities. is a free blogging platform which can we use for blogging. We can also use wordpress package which we can download from which is a zipped compressed folder. we can install this wordpress package in control panel and can install beautiful wordpress themes in it and create amazing websites. it’s easy and wonderful. we can simply built amazing websites using wordpress, it’ s like a journey, or a trip to our destinations in world known.

with limited knowledge of html, css,create a standalone websites using wordpress. I think, the future web design platform will be in the hand of wordpress since its simplicity. I say simplicity because anyone can manage the contents of the website without any technical knowledge. If user have some knowledge about html, css, it will be great.

WordPress publishing platform gives us graphical user experiment for its simplicity. Example for this is that button for publishing the contents. I think , i can give my readers more pictures to understang what i am giving you in upcoming articles. I think so.

Many of my friends start their business of web development and design with wordpress. they are now active in elance, odesk, guru, people per hour and earning income only by knowing wordpress platform, and customizing many wordpree themes and plugins in order to make their clients requirements. I was also first unfamiliar with wordpress, but when i study using wordpress platform, really it just makes me amazing.

In next article, i will share some more my knowledge about wordpress and its installation in cpanel.
Bye for now.

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sincerely sajeer


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